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Mar. 10th, 2009

A Nice Web Resource to Use

Browsing through useful web resources I found one that really interested me.  A good unit of knowledge cannot be found every day and once you find one, you feel really satisfied :)

I was looking for some information on some credit possibilities - during the crisis it has become a real problem, and found much here.
What a heap of articles on this topic I've found here! %)

I guess after reading all of them I'll become a credit expert, LOL...
Anyway you can find whatever you want without any search engines - have a go!

Dec. 24th, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year was a hard one. The year brought us a lot of losses and grief: we lost many great and talented people, who left us for a better world. We had great losses in the Iraq war. There was Georgia – Russia conflict. We faced economical crisis.
But despite all that great losses 2008 brought us enough joy: just recollect the Olympic games and the Election Day! Hope, all this will be left in 2008 and 2009 will be a better year.
 So, good buy 2008. 2009, you are welcome!

Dec. 8th, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping has started. Millions of people are rushing around stores looking for gifts for their beloved people. I hate shopping! Why spend a lot of money on useless things. I’m sure lots of people buy Christmas gifts without thinking, just in order to buy something and give it to anybody. I think handmade gifts are the best. I like to make gifts for my close people. And I’m more than happy when somebody gives me a gift they make themselves. Handmade gifts reproduce all the warmth and love you feel to somebody.
People stop buying craps! Make something special for you close people. Be sure, they will appreciate it.

Nov. 13th, 2008

What Is Frienship?

For someone friendship is not a serious thing and they can call nearly every person he communicates with his friend. May be it's all right. For such people the most important thing is to share their thoughts and feelings with someone no matter who it is. For me such kinds of relations are impossible. It has been rather difficult for me to find a friend whom I can trust completely. When I began doing it, it turns out that this person is not the one he seemed to be. That's why after such disappointing experience I communicate with people with much pleasure but I don't feel a desire to tell something personal to them.

Nov. 10th, 2008

People Aren't Ashamed of Talking about Money Any More

Recently money has been not the theme to be talked about in polite societies. Now the situation has changed because of the economic crisis. People don't feel shy talking about their financial problems. They are all united by one and the same problem: lack of money. Many people have to pay for their property and other loans. The number of credit card debts is increasing day by day. People are in panic as they don't know what actions to take. Hope this won't last for a long time!

Nov. 6th, 2008

Be Careful in the Process of Applying for a Credit Card

When you want to apply for a credit card or loan you should know exactly what actions to take not to damage your credit report and credit score. I'm sure that almost everyone knows that credit inquiries can hurt your credit score but in fact it depends on the inquiries you make.

If you just order a credit report from the bureau, it won't have a bad influence on the credit rating. But if you for instance fill out too many applications, you may be suspected. So before doing this or that thing in the process of applying for a credit card, it is better to consult specialists.

Oct. 29th, 2008

What Do Businessmen Expect from a New President?

Due to serious economic crisis in the USA, most of businesses go through hard times. They have to reduce the stuff and wages, even the flourishing companies have to try hard to solve the problem.

What do business owners expect from elections and the President? Of course they are waiting for the changes in the economy. But still they understand that it is not one of small crises the USA have ever went through.

The choice of Presidents is different but the expectations small businessmen as well as common people are the same.

Oct. 24th, 2008

The Trip to Space for $30 Million

Richard Garriott, a person who earned millions of dollars in the video game industry, bought a trip to the space station for $30 million. Today his ten days trip has finished. He is impressed much as he has fulfilled his dream and followed the footsteps of his father who was an astronaut. Richard says that the ride was great and it was an unforgettable and incomparable experience in his life.

Oct. 22nd, 2008

Credit Card Fraud Increases

It is a well-known fact that credit card fraud is a common thing nowadays. The more people try to think of some ways to prevent it, the more ways of fraud are created.
Business credit cardsAlthough people have got used to it but sometimes they are really at a loss because it does great harm to their budget.
It's destroying that credit card fraud begin to invade the world of small businesses. In spite of the fact that small retailers think that they are immune to credit card fraud, the studies show quite the opposite thing. It's really dangerous because the income of companies is much more than of a family and much depends on this money.

Oct. 3rd, 2008

Electoral Competitions

The poll shows that Sarah Palin is more respected by men than women. Nearly 45% of all women have negative attitude to Palin and 42% think positively about her. Such result prove that the situation is not favorable and profitable for her and this can be not to her advantage in the future. As for her direct competitor Joe Briden, she is viewed positively by 51% and negatively by 27% of the surveyed women.

Sep. 29th, 2008

An Unusual Case

   In the country of Yemen a 10-year-old girl got married a man who is three times her age. It was difficult for Nujood to leave her parents and siblings. But some time later after the marriage she wanted a divorce. She said that her husband beat and raped her. You see, sexual relations are not allowed in this country till the age of 20 even if the girl is married. Nujood's parents believed the man and were sure that he would take care of their daughter but he didn't keep to his word.

Such cases are rare in this country and marriages of such small girls are allowed only in case parents are not against.

Sep. 25th, 2008

Extra Working

  Some people have the main job and spend some time to second career. The reasons for that are different. Some people don't have enough money to make both ends meet. That's why they have to take some extra work. Others think that they are professionals in their main job and want to open some new fields for them. May be they have some others abilities that need to be developed. The reasons are different, so is the reaction of bosses. The point is how this second career is organized. If not in the prejudice of the main one, everything is all right. But if it becomes to take the leading position, it's bad for employers.

Sep. 23rd, 2008

Even Good Work Can Bring Stress

  Life is stressful in itself. Besides personal problems and troubles, there are a lot of worries at work. Even if the work satisfies you and you are absolutely pleased, there can be something that can disappoint you. Work takes most of out time during a day and we have to communicate with different people, know how to contact with your boss. People are different and each person has his own temperament.

I had the same cases when I felt nervous till the day when I understand that my job isn't worth my feelings. I began to experience every situation in a calm way. Just think that your health and inner state is more important than what is happening at work.

Sep. 19th, 2008

Save on Shopping

     My wife is a shopaholic and every time she has some money, she rushes to the shop to make purchases. I know that it is useless to make her save money because she is such a person but at least it is possible to take some pains to take discounts and rewards. We were recommended to apply for Cash Rebates Cards. I took some time to browse through the Internet and search for the card for my wife. There is such a great variety of them.I have read various articles and people's opinions and experience. Finally we have made the right choice. Hope, this card will be of great advantage.

Sep. 17th, 2008

Friendship - a Sacred Word

Recently I have found a poem that reflects my understanding of friendship and my relations with my best friend. It's a precious word for me and not every person is able to win my trust.

When we first talked to each other
I knew we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And I'll be here for you to the end.

You listen when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
You take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place.

We can't forget the fun we've had
Laughing 'til our faces turn blue.
Talking of things only we find funny
People think we're insane-If they only knew!

I guess this is my way of saying thanks
For catching me when I fall.
Thanks once again for being such a good friend
And being here with me through it all.

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