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Sep. 15th, 2008

How to Fly after Such a Tragedy?

   There has been a piece of awful news reported all over the world on Sunday. A Russian jetliner crashed in the central Russian city of Perm. Nobody is alive. 88 passengers of the jetliner are dead. At least 21 passengers were foreigners. The reason for the crush is supposed to be a technical breakdown. When several minutes were left before the landing, all contact was cut off and the plane exploded. The plane crushed right on the railways, near houses. People heard and saw this tragedy.

Sep. 10th, 2008

How Should People Be Saved from Constant Disasters?

    Another country is caught by a storm. It is a poor country of Haiti. The storm left 341 people dead. Gonaives is the most destroyed and water-filled city on the west coast. Most of the brighes are destroyed and the roads are flooded. A lot of people have lost their homes and they have nowhere to live in. They are left on the streets of the city with their children. Some people think that the city should be moved becasue it is situated in the dangerous place. The situation couldn't be left so, something should be done. People are alive but they have nothing, all their things and place of living are under the water.

Sep. 8th, 2008

What Should You Know before Applying for a Credit Card?

There are a lot of difficulties that arise when a person wants to apply for a credit card. For instance he chooses the plastic that suits his needs and preferences but then he finds out that he isn't eligible for it. To prevent such cases, you should know what credit score you have and everything about your credit report and the information it contains. There are three major credit bureaus that keep all the information about you including your payment history, income, places of work and much more. It is them examined by the lenders. So, take time to study all the information and then come up to the choice of a credit card.

Sep. 5th, 2008

What Feeling Do Animals Have in Dealing with Debt?

It's interesting to know how animals react to some troubles happening in their lives. Do they behave as people or not?

Recently a 11-year-old gorilla Gana has been photographed with her dead child in her hands. It's an awful scene. For several days she refused the zookeepers to come up to the corpse. It is supposed that animals feel the same way as people in such situations. It has been said by the specialists that for several days and even weeks gorillas may treat their dead babies as if they are alive. They protect them from everything that may threaten him.

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Protecting Lives

I guess everyone has already heard the news about hurricane Gustav invading New Orleans. People are trying to go away from the city recollecting the time when Hurricane Katrina flooded 80 percent of the city and killed 1600 people.

The evacuation in New Orleans has become mandatory but still not all people take their chance to move to another place. They are afraid of coming back and finding out that they have nowhere to live. By today Gustav has already killed 80 people and the number is growing day by day. So, staying in the city is the biggest mistake in your life.

Aug. 29th, 2008

What Is a Modern Family Like?

There was a research held among people who have family life. It was found out that everything returns back and more and more men want their wives to be good housewives and women want men to be financially well-to-do. So, a modern family has become like the one in the 50's. Men earn money, women keeps the house clean. Only 16 percent of men said that they value financial stability in women. Below you can see the results of the research.

Aug. 27th, 2008

Dirty Pre-election Tricks

The U.S presidental elections are getting closer and politicians try hard to make people vote for them. Of course it's a usual thing but this time the tricks are getting nastier because there is an opportunity to held pre-election campaigns online. So, the victims of such actions are young people because they are accustomed to searching for information through the Internet. Such behavior can be explained but still something should be done about that.

Aug. 21st, 2008

Thoughts about Credit Cards

I have understood. Credit cards are an evil if you don't have good or excellent credit. All you have to do with bad credit cards is just to use them and then try pay off the balance. You are always in the fear of running in debt. What's for a credit card then? What consequence except damaging your crediy score plastics have? It's my final decision. So, if you have decided to get a credit card, choose among good credit cards at http://www.unioncreditreport.com/Good-Credit-Cards-5357387-page.php. You are sure to benefit from these cards and take an active part in rewards programs.

In all the other cases you will just find yourself piled with enormous debts that will make your life a real disaster full of paying off the debts.

Aug. 20th, 2008

Fun Facts about Olympic Games

Various things happen on the Olympic Games and people tend to behave in different ways struggling for gold medals. So, a Swedish wrestler seemed to be very active on these Games. During the medal ceremony he threw his bronze medal on the floor saying that he wanted a gold one and he didn't need this one. He decided to quit sport saying that Olympic had been a failure for him. What's more he came up to the judges shouting that their decision was wrong. He was very angry and couldn't restrain his emotions in spite of the fact that everybody tried to calm him down.

So, here is the consequences of competition on the Olympic Games. Luckily, his behavior didn't go too far.

Aug. 18th, 2008

What Does the Milestone Means?

A world famous popstar Madonna celebrated her major milestone, 50 years. For many people this age seems to be to high to set some aims and reach them, others consider this age to be the turning point in the life. Madonna's carreer hasn't changed. She begins a world tour and is regarded as the beauty and fshion icon by many people in the world. Some people say that this age is somehow the beginning of the next period that influences their behavior. They try the things they haven't before because they think that not much time left for them.

So, every person chooses his own way of life. I think it's better to enjoy life and don't think about age. It's only written in your passport, you may be the same young person as before in your soul.

Aug. 12th, 2008

What for They Need a War?

An awful situation began on a magic day, August, 8. Georgia attacked South Ossetia and the reasons for that are different. May be it happened because of economics and money, may be because of the fight for leadership and relation between the countries. We can only suppose. But the consequences of this attack are really disappointing. A great number of people is killed or have injuries. Russia defends South Ossetia sending its troups their. It is a WAR. The worst fact here is that the countries want to sort out their relationship doing harm to great numbers of innocent people.

Jul. 25th, 2008

Being a Black in America Means Being a Suspect

How black people are treated now? The survey shows that for most people black American is a suspect. They say that they have to suit the world of white people, to change themselves completly. Some even say that white women fell nervous when being in one elevator with black people. They regard them as potential thieves. That's really awful as it proves that nothing has changed since the time when slavery and segregation has taken place.

Why is it happening so? What's the reason for such suspiciousness on the side of white people?

Jul. 23rd, 2008

Keep Yourself Well-Informed

My life is connected with researches and I can't but admit that I spend much time browsing through the Internet to find helpful information. Luckily it is not a problem now and the world-wide network has won everyone's love, respect and time. Google news has become the main resource I look through every other day. They give me the whole information on the events in the whole world in every sphere possible.

Recently I've been searching for detailed information about balance transfers and found out that it is a very risky thing indeed. You can profit from it but can also face a great number of financial problems. You simply transfer the balance from one card to another to pay off your debts with lower interest rates. If you use the card wisely you will hit the right point. But if you are late with payments you will have much more problems than before.

Jul. 18th, 2008

Youth Violence Is not Just Alarming

Nowadays young people are more violent than ever before. Many people say that their lives have been miserable by young people out on the streets late at night because they are killing and harming others. All those groups and subcultures are awful as all their members are violent. They think only about rebellion against society and its laws. They reject everything and protest against their parents and school. As for the American youth in particular, their problems are connected with their beliefs and values. Sometimes, violence and the fear of it are just overwhelming. In today's world reports of violence in the media and our neighborhoods can make our children feel frightened, unsafe and insecure. So how can we help our kids deal with their aggressive behavior?

Jul. 16th, 2008

New Discoveries and Science Inventions

Each year we see new discoveries and inventions that considerably change our life. Lots of things that we use nowadays seemed impossiible many years ago, didn't they? That's incredible! Today I can't imagine my life without mobiles, computers, TV sets, and many other things that make my life easier and more interesting. As for computers, they have already revolutionized the way we live and work. Computers are vital in today's life and very important in business. There is no doubt that the 21st century would be impossible without PCs as it brought with itself a big number of discoveries and developments. We are facing deep changes that are the result of cutting edge technologies.
The incredible technology we are building, the complexity and the knowledge we are dealing with are all beyond the mind and muscle of a man.

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